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Leavenworth County Fair 2012 Swag

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Postal Grunt

Leavenworth County Fair 2012 Swag

This was my third year to enter the county fair. I finally got somewhere with my baking. I'm not saying that I've got to where I want to be but I think I can at last say that I'm close to the end of the beginning. I haven't gotten that far with Photbucket this year.



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Congratulations !  Now where is the bread that won the ribbons???  I love the apron :-)


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Congratulations!  So, which bread earned the giant purple ribbon?  That’s no ordinary prize ribbon… best of show?  I actually have a practice loaf in the oven right now that I’m working on for our fair in a couple of weeks.  This must be a good sign.  Awesome work!


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Postal Grunt

To tell the truth, I wasn't all that impressed with my own work when I pulled them out of the oven.  I compared the loaves to the ones that I see here on TFL on an almost daily basis. However, one of the things I've gained from hanging around TFL is the confidence to go out there and let it happen, win or lose. That's what you get when you can eat the evidence of a less than perfect loaf; well, that and a dynamic waistline.

The champion was a sourdough loaf that I just made up as I went along. I'm good at stealing ideas from other bakers' recipes but lacking in the discipline to follow them to the letter. The other was a 25% rye sourdough of equally scatterbrained origins. The main thing is I enjoy baking the bread that I enjoy eating. A raggedy home baker can't ask for much more than that.

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I thought you were from KC, or at least Missouri?  I used to deliver Pepsi in a semi trailer to Leavenworth (and the prison of course) every Wednesday when I was ....younger.  So nice to see a TFL'er winning a grand champion ranking for their sourdough.   Glad you posted the pix's and winning recipes.    Way to go!  It does look championship caliber for sure.  Good judging at work!

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"...that I just made up as I went along."  Uh-huh.  Sure.  Just winged it and got lucky, right?  Not!

You may have been freelancing but you also knew what you were doing and that showed in the final product.  Good work!