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Quantity of whole grain dough in Electrolux MagicMill/Assistent mixer

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Quantity of whole grain dough in Electrolux MagicMill/Assistent mixer

Hello, I have been lurking in this forum for ages - so much great information!

I possibly should have posted this in the equipment forum, but thought I would start here. I am seriously considering getting an Electrolux Assistent mixer because I want to do larger quantities of dough than my  KitchenAid can handle. I am curious if anyone has used the Electrolux for bread using home milled flour and if you have a feel for the quantities it could process. I'm hoping to do up to 2 kg of dough at 80-100% hydration.  


Thanks for your help!

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Hi JMallen,

I held off answering, thinking someone else would answer your question that has used the DLX/Assistent more than I have -- but since no one has yet, I'll give it a go. (Quite sure others will chime in!)

The Magic Mill/Assistent is rated for 28 cups of flour (or 7 lbs), which translates to approximately 3.17 kg of flour. In terms of dough weight (when all is mixed together), it's rated for 15 lbs or 6.8 kg. Sounds like you should definitely be fine if you only plan to mix 2 kg of dough, especially with such a high hydration.

We use home-milled flour but I've not tried such a big batch in the Assistent yet. We had a Bosch previously that could handle 9 lbs (4 kg) of home-milled whole wheat dough without a problem though. I can't imagine the Assistent would be any less able to handle such a load.

Hope that helps. If you decide to purchase one, I can't recommend Pleasant Hill Grain highly enough if you are within their shipping area. :)

- Marguerite

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Hi Marguerite,

Thank you for the information. That's just what I needed to know!  I'm in Canada, on Vancouver Island and just found a local reseller who has them in stock - lucky!


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Just saw your post.  I own a DLX and also use home milled grains exclusively in it. I have owned and used it daily for a year now.  It handles whole grains just fine but the mixing action appears to be a bit different than a video I saw that uses store bought flour.  The donut shape is harder to achieve with dryer doughs - 65% HL - so I will use the hook when mixing a dryer dough. It is a sturdy machine and handles many types of dough a lot better than my Bosch did.  

Can't tell you the largest amount of dough I have put into it but my usual weighs about 2kg with all ingredients combined.  Only thing that I do is change the distance the roller sits in the bowl when mixing larger amounts of dough.  

Good Luck with your purchase,