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First rye loaf!

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First rye loaf!

After putting my bread baking on hiatus, I decided to return and try out the 47% rye from Wild Yeast Blog.  It's my first rye loaf, save for the major disaster I made several months back.  I ended up finding the dough relatively easy to work with, which definitely surprised me.  It's also my first time trying out a chevron cut, so I'm looking forward to practicing that more.

UPDATE: This bread is awesome!  It's got a pretty assertive rye flavor for only 47%, it's quite tangy and a little sweet.


 And, as promised the crumb shot:


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Beautiful scoring.

How about a crumb shot?

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Thanks!  I'm giving a nice long rest before I slice it.  I'll definitely post a crumb shot first thing tomorrow.

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Super nice!


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Mini Oven


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The scoring crust and crumb are beautiful.  If it tastes half as good as it looks its a winner!

Very nice baking!