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During a short stay in Paris I've been impressed by multi-grain loaves called "solognot," widely available at boulangers.  They seem to be a mix of white and whole wheat flour with small additions of rye, sesame, sunflower and flax.  The crumb is even and very light.  The term was new to me and I haven't seen any recipes.  Any thoughts?

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Hi Colin.  Your question made me curious so I did a bit of exploring and learned that Sologne is a region in north-central France.  Am guessing Pain Solognot is a seeded bread with mixed flours attributed to that area because of its terrior.  Here's one link to the bread and a dessert made with Solognot:    It's in French, but Google will translate it.

Hamelman's Bread has a number of formulas which contain mixed flours and seeds:  Five-Grain Levain, Sourdough Seed Bread, Five-Grain Sourdough with Rye Sourdough, etc.   If you don't have the book, your local library can get a copy for  you, or perhaps you can look through it at a bookstore.   A second edition is being published in late November, updating techniques, trends, varities, etc.

Sounds like you have some tasty experimenting in your future!