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Yet Another Dough Calculator

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La masa

Yet Another Dough Calculator

Hello all.
I have written a dough calculator, in the hope to create a useful tool, but also to get some practice with javascript/HTML. It is a table-based calculator, but includes a feature I have not found in other calculators: a graphical interface for calculating starter feedings.


You can find it here.

I spent a good bunch of time writing it so I hope someone will find it useful :)


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I played with it just now and found it a useful tool... will definitely try on a real bake. Interesting that I got a "data error" when I tried to increase salt to 41% and a red box when it was at 9%.... obviously that's too much salt but how did you calculate these values?

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La masa

Glad you like it :)

"Interesting that I got a "data error" when I tried to increase salt to 41%..."

Ooops!!! Forgot to translate the alert box! Now it is done :)

"...obviously that's too much salt but how did you calculate these values?"

I had to put a limit somewhere. Regarding the salt: a red background is displayed if salt percentage is higher than 3%, and "data error" if it is higher than 10%. All the limits are quite loose, because you maybe want to do something unusual.

For example, the program will warn if dough hydration is higher than 100%, but will not pop up a data error if it is not higher than 500% (maybe you want a fermented porridge).

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Web based, with a sourdough option.  I will definitely use it.  Bookmarked!

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Many thanks for sharing this! I love that you've incorporated starter feedings for sourdough - very handy. Having the graphic alongside the numbers for feedings is also a nice touch. I'll give it a spin this week...

- Susanne

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Hi La masa,

It's a great calculator to me.   I did find that minimum hydration for a sourdough starter seems to be 50%, which is fine for nearly everything.   But it might not be stiff enough for those making the biga naturale as used in the likes of Panettone etc., where hydration is often taken down to 45%.

Best wishes


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I concur. I am one those that use lievito naturale. I keep mine at 42%.

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La masa

The hydration limit has been lowered to 40%. I hope this is stiff enough enough for everybody.

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La masa

Thank you all, I'm really happy that you like it :)

Thanks for the suggestion, Andy and mwilson, I will correct that (but not now, it's 2AM in Spain, and I'm leaving tomorrow for  a holiday trip).