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100% Sourdough Rye

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sonia101's picture

100% Sourdough Rye

Just made my second loaf of Rye bread, I must say I'm really enjoying baking with rye flour! I used Petra's recipe from Chili und Ciabatta Blog

I was really pleased with the way this bread turned out, even my son who only eats white bread loved it! I'll be baking this again :)




Cheers Sonia


isand66's picture

Beautiful looking bread!  Now all you need is some pastrami or corned beef!

  Nice bake.



Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Well done! Unbelievable it is just your second loaf of rye!


wassisname's picture

That is a fantastic looking rye, inside and out!  Great work and thanks for sharing.


sonia101's picture

Thanks! Ian and Juergen all your wonderful posts (drooling over your bread) helped me so much with baking this bread, thank you both so much! When I made the my first loaf 75% Rye I though, OMG what a sticky mess, do I add more flour or toss the dough in the bin? I decided to wet my hand and shape the dough as is and to my surprise it turned out great! I'm officially addicted to baking with Rye now :)

isand66's picture

As you get more familiar with baking with rye you will resist the urge to add more flour.  It helps to wet your hands and/or use a dough scraper.  Less kneading is usually better with Rye, at least in my experiences.  Either way your bake came out great and will only improve with experience.


sonia101's picture

I'm laughing.......I just saw your post and I posted almost the same thing yesterday also. Yep wet hand are a MUST!

dabrownman's picture

Sonia!  What a nice loaf of rye bread.  They don't get better than that inside or out.  Very well done and nicely baked.

SylviaH's picture

and delicious looking too!  


sandydog's picture

Great looking loaf Sonia.

I never realised it was possible to do 100% rye bread in bannetons - All mine are at least 75% hydration (Often more) and have to go into a tin as they are so sloppy.

Petra's recipe seems to involve 66% total hydration of the final dough, which would explain how it can be formed into bannetons, but I never thought that all rye flour would work at such low hydration levels.

Please can you confirm the overall hydration of your loaves and/or let me know if I am missing something obvious here.                   I would so love to be able to bake 100% rye in bannetons and have them look like your loaves, but scared to try.


sonia101's picture

Hi Brian,

I followed Petra's recipe to the GRAM! lol

I used floured bannetons and after shaping I sprinkled flour on the top of loaves and placed them in the bannetons and had no problems with them sticking. I'm not that experienced when it comes to making bread so if I can do it YOU CAN!

My tips after using rye twice would be, stick to the recipe, don't over mix the dough just mix till it all comes together into a sticky dough, run your hands under water when handling the dough to stop it from sticking :) I also sprinkled the bench lightly with flour when shaping the loaves. When I removed them from the bannetons (after one hour) I scored them and let then sit for a few minutes before baking. I've also noticed that I don't need to score the bread as deep as a wheat bread.


ananda's picture

Welcome to the Rye Bread world Sonia,

A lovely loaf; you clearly have the touch!

Best wishes


sandydog's picture

Thanks Sonia - I will try it and let you know how I get on.


sonia101's picture

Thanks for the kind words.......Yep I'm addicted to Rye now!

I made Rye (75%) Pretzel buns yesterday, I will try to turn anything into a Pretzel....It must be the German in me LOL


Buns were hot out of the oven, hence the bun looks undercooked

Mini Oven's picture
Mini Oven

Pretzeled rye... cool!