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Automatic Nutrition Panel From WolframAlpha

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Eternal Grain

Automatic Nutrition Panel From WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha added the ability to calculate nutritional value three years ago. By combining several ingredients like this: "748g flour+508g water+1.87g yeast+12.342g salt", the nutrition facts are generated.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

For example, 150 g slice.

These don't work:

  • 150 grams of (748g flour+508g water+1.87g yeast+12.342g salt).
  • 150 grams/(748g flour+508g water+1.87g yeast+12.342g salt)
  • (748g flour+508g water+1.87g yeast+12.342g salt) * .118
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Eternal Grain

I couldn't figure out how to get wolfram to calculate value per slice. It is possible though to just take the ratio of each slice instead of using the whole formula. So a 150g slice is about 3/25 or .12 of the whole loaf. In front of each ingredient multiply the ratio. For example, "748*.12g flour".

748*.12g flour+508*.12g water+1.87*.12g yeast+12.34*.12g salt

Wolfram is a bit finnicky about the syntax so I think its easier to reduce the weights to one slice first.