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Korean flour as a substitute for Italian "00" flour

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Korean flour as a substitute for Italian "00" flour

Is Korean flour a good substitute for Italian "00"flour?  Thinking of using it in the recipe in "Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day" that calls for the Italian flour.  


Thanks in advance 



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Mini Oven

I'm sure Korea has more than one flour on the market.  What is the protein content and is it wheat flour?   As you have noticed in the Pizza posts, flours range for pizza.  I think I would use the Korean flour suggested for baking bread, not cookies or cakes.   If you find that to be too tough and chewy, try blending it with a lower protein flour.   :)

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All at Sea

...  but could it be that you mean Khorason flour, perhaps? Otherwise known as Kamut? Forgive me if you really do mean Korean, but the names are so similar, wondered if there might be some unintentional malapropism going on!

All at Sea