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Dinner rolls

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Dinner rolls

Made a batch of dinner rolls for company tonight.

one pound of flour

one teasopoon table salt

one teaspoon instant yeast

edit to add: 1 tablespoon sugar

Combine one egg

six ounces of whole milk

water to make 68% hydration

two tablespoons of chicken fat or whatever.

Combine and autolyse for twenty minutes, knead lightly oil the dough and refrigerate over night. shape while still cold the next morning. Bake 375 20 minutes or less.


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I really like the shape.  Are they pessed out as circles and then folded in to half moons?  Love the chicken fat too.  Always looking to use the gallon of smaltz accumulating in the freezer .  I need a car that runs on the stuff:-)

Your rolls look perfectly done,  soft and flaky - like little pillows.

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I rolled the cold dough to about a quarter inch and cut three inch rounds and folded them.