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Anti Steam ove glove

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Anti Steam ove glove

Has anyone tried the Anti-steam Ove Glove? I got a nasty burn loading bread into a Lodge Combo Cooker, and after researching options, this seems to be a good option. Any opinions or exeriences?

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I'm not familiar with an "Anti-steam Ove Glove", but if you're referring to simply those sold as "The Ove Glove"  ( )I've been using a pair since Christmas of 2010, and I am happy with them. However, they only protect the hand and wrist. If you are loading bread with bare arms I'd suggest getting a pair of welder's gloves.

David G

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There is a variation of the Ove Glove called the "Pit Mitt". The cuff comes several inches up my forearm. It was a gift, purchased from Williams Sonoma, so I don't know the price. I would search the web using that name.

A note about both of these items: They are very effective insulators unless they are wet. Water (from the sink, your hands, etc.) rapidly transmits heat through the mitt. Dry, they are great; wet, watch out!

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I've also heard that the Ove Glove is dangerous when wet. I was intrigued by the new version called the Anti-Steam Ove Glove. It has another layer that is designed to protect hands from steam and moisture as well as direct heat.

I'll look into the Pitt Mitt. That may be a great solution. My thought at this point is to get a pair of welders gloves and cut off the long cuffs and attach them to some Anti-Steam Ove Gloves.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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I use welder's leather glove, especially when baking indoor using the Lodge dutch oven to bake in. I also use a pot holder in addition for added insulation. Don't cut the cuff, you will be use to it after a couple of usage, I bake primarily in my outdoor, WFO and when reaching in the back of the oven they are really handy.