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Whole rye and wheat flour sourdough bread with walnuts and sunflower seeds

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Whole rye and wheat flour sourdough bread with walnuts and sunflower seeds

 Wanting to bake another sourdough bread with a larger portion of whole rye, I started searching on the internet, and came across this recipe:

This was interesting because I had some walnuts left from something else. Not quite enough, so I added some sunflower seeds. Roasted them a bit.

I had already fed my sourdough starter and put it in the refridgerator before it reached its peak. The recipe mentions adding instant yeast in the final dough. I omitted that, because I wanted it pure sourdough.

Around midnight last Saturday I made the levain, whole rye, water, my starter. Did add a bit more than in the recipe. Left this out to ferment. 14.00 in the afternoon on Sunday I made the final dough, but did not let it rise outside, but instead kept it in the refridgerator (I had a party, so I didn't have time to bake it then). A 24 hour rise in the refridgerator later I took it out, formed a batard and let it proof for about 2,5 hours on a couche. 
Baked following recipe, and this came out: 

Update: Crumb photo's:


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thomaschacon (not verified)

Nice breads, nice post!

I just made a few loaves of something similar myself that were based on Hamelman's walnut rye.

I added a lot of walnut oil (2 tbsp/loaf) which changed the texture a lot. Very soft for a rye, but delicious. Something to try when you make them again.

I love the shaping. The loaves almost look like walnut halves.

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the color of the cumb the walnuts bring to bread?   Very nice scoring.  This bread is tempting and must be addicting.

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Looks great!

Can't help but comment on walnut breads ... one of my favourites. It works so well with the flavour of rye.


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Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Have to agree on the effect of walnut on the crumb. It doesn't really show in the photo's, but it had a real nice color to it. 

Feels really good, to produce this kind of bread. Seems all that baking has given me a level of knowledge and experience to be able to adjust a recipe to my schedule, as well as adjusting some of the ratio's and ingredients :). 

Never really had much sourdough bread to eat before I started baking it myself. You can only get it at some bakers, and almost never at supermarkets here. It's much easier on the stomach.