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Hobart N50 Restoration Project

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Hobart N50 Restoration Project


I just purchased a used Hobart N50.  It is in pretty good condition, but it need a few little parts.  I have refurbished a KitchenAid Mixer before and the parts were very easy to find online, not so much with the Hobart it seems.  I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for replacement parts for these mixers?  



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Congrats on your purchase! I fully tore down and restored an N50 last year, and it's running great guns:

Parts for this mixer are pretty hard to come by outside of official Hobart dealers. You can get replacement bowls and attachments from places such as Globe Equipment ( The 5-quart (4.8L) bowl can be readily substituted with the generic KA bowls (brushed or polished: The bowl spring latch I THINK can is the same as the KA professional models, and be bought MUCH more cheaply than OEM Hobart ( - I bought my OEM one for $160NZD from our local Hobart supplier - ouch!

Any further Q's just ask.... and message me if you want a PDF of the service manual, which has a few good tips and tricks for pulling apart and getting back together again.