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Fresh cornmeal

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Fresh cornmeal

Good morning, after much silliness on my part i finally am connected to this terrific forum!
I grew beautiful blue and multi colored corn last year, sadly I do not own a mill so I have been cooking it in stews. while lovely I really wanted to bake with it. My friend was gracious enough to grind a pound for me. In 30 seconds my corn has been transformed into a multi colored flour. It is flour vs meal, the texture is akin to a good freshly ground wheat, does not feel or taste gritty at all. The flavor is really nice!
I need to purchase a mill
I have two questions Please

1, if you had some really fresh flavorful cornmeal you wanted to showcase, what would you bake other than old school cornbread? I was thinking of that Brazillian corn cake for half the flour, that leaves me another 8 oz to use with reckless abandon! I mainly bake with sourdough so while not the only option it would be fun to try it for one.

2. I am sure it is obvious but I can not find a discussion on mills? I want to find a reasonably priced hopefully electric but I can crank if I have to. I will not be milling for most baking but it sure it nice after seeing how lovely this flour is, to be able to do this with my corn and perhaps other grains I grow or purchase

I have to say and hope kindreds appreciate my incredible "high" over seeing this stunning corn, from heirloom seed strain a dear departed friend gave me turning first into flour and tomorrow into something wonderful to share. This man saved and supplied for free, anyone who asked with heirloom varieties that if it were not for him and folks like him may be lost. I plan this year to pass seed on and keep his story going.

So thank you in advance for any advice or recipes

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I tried to search on the board and got lost in breads that had nothing to do with my mission! I do that and am not an efficient researcher at all!

Anyway I finally ..pressed for time.. Googled and voila this came up!
First thing
Thank you! I have learned to bake in a shamefully disordered manner, my goal is
To stop that!

Back to my lurky hole
This board truly has some amazing info! Thanks!