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Onion Dill Bread with Saffron

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Faith in Virginia

Onion Dill Bread with Saffron

Well I was goofing around in the kitchen again.  The above picture is the same bread just formed differently and the one on the right has been egg washed.  After the post a while back about how to slash a loaf to get a specific look I gave it a try on this loaf (on the left).  I altered the recipe and raised the hydration to about 67% so the loaf flattened out a bit,  then the long slash did not help the sprawling of the loaf.  None the less it is still such a tasty loaf.   With some tweaking I think it could become more visually appealing.

This is the original recipe (lazy way out of typing) it also has items of interpretation.  Large pinch of saffron?   One onion, how big how much?  I hope you can read this if you want some clarity let me know.

The dough is quite beautiful.

More pictures then words today.  This is such a tasty bread I thought I would share. It is something you can adjust to fit your preferences.  Enjoy


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gives new meaning to 'Dilly Bread' that just has dill in it.  With a little cheese inside too,  you could flatten it out and call it encrusted Dilly Veggie Pizza :-) Just put the sauce in top!

I love the color of the crumb.  It must taste great.

Nice bake!

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Faith in Virginia

Acutually it is quite good.  I'm sure cheese would be good but at what point do you start taking away from the other flavors.  This is one of those breads that everytime you walk by you grab anothe slice.

hmmm.  what to bake next?