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Making a mash without an over/with a Thermomix

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Making a mash without an over/with a Thermomix


I'm planning on making breads with a mash from peter reinhart's "whole grain breads".

I was wondering if it will be possible to cook the mash until it reaches desire temperture and then put the pot in a thermos container (i have one that it can fit in it).

I also have a Thermomix machine and wanted to know if anyone of you knows of method making a mash in the Thermomix.




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Hi, Omer!

What a Novel idea! how come i never thought of that, thermos. Theoratically, it should work, given that you let the mash temperature drop to the required temperature (usually 66C), then pour it into a good sealed thermos.

I don't know what a thermomix is, though.

Best wishes, and thanks for the idea,


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Try getting a copy of Kneadlessly Simple by  Nancy Baggett.  She has a great mash recipe -   you start with boiling water, then mix in the flour and other ingredients, then put it in the microwave, and turn on the microwave for 1 minute bursts at 15 minutes later, then 30 minutes after that.  If you have a quick read  thermometer, you should be able to come up with a schedule for heating it in the microwave every 15 or 20 minutes to keep it at the right temp.