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I'm looking for plain carbon steel bread pans - NO non-stick coating!

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I'm looking for plain carbon steel bread pans - NO non-stick coating!

Hello All, the title says it all.  I haven't been able to find anything like this in my internet search.  I would like to bake up four large loaves at a time and freeze them.  I would like the pans to be 9x5, if anything a bit larger.  The heavy type steel pans with non-stick coating work pretty good, but they always brown up the crust too much for my liking, plus I'm trying to get away from anything with coating.  I actually saw some stoneware bread pans in WalMart today, but they were made in china.  No telling what's in the glazing.

Anyway, I'm looking for some good old fashioned bread pans that will never wear out and always need a bit of greasing before baking.  Honestly, I don't mind!  Anyone know anything?

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I like the Graniteware.

They are enameled and work quite nicely.  Made in the US.  And since they are dark they do brown the loaves a bit better than the plain metal ones.


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Kmart,Walmart,Fleet Farm, or any resale shop (Goodwill,St.Vincents,Salvation Army).

I find the cheapest baking pans are usually not coated but they may be made elsewhere (everyone has to work and earn a living). Hit the estate sales and resale shops. If there is a coating of rust-not to worry. Just pull out some steel wool and go to town. Then coat with a vegetable oil and pop it into the oven until brown.

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I have a couple cast iron bread pans and they are always the first ones I reach for.  They need a little butter or oil rubdown before use, but they produce beautiful sandwich loaves.


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I have a pair of very old stainless pans, French I think, a little smaller than what you are looking for but I don't know what is currently available. They are still very shiny and heavy, with a steel rod that stiffens the top.


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I was on just such a search a couple of months ago! The top two results (in my similar "no coating" mentality) were Chicago Metallic (the plain steel kind) and Pyrex (or Anchor, or similar baking glass). Norpro also makes some shiny stainless steel pans, but they are probably smaller than you'd prefer. In general, the shiner the material, the paler the crust will turn out.

I think the Pyrex pans are my favorite, especially for sourdough (in the fridge in pans overnight). Two of those were found at a thrift store. I was also able to find a couple of very new looking commercial-weight Chicago Metallic pans (non coated) at an estate sale, but haven't tried them out yet (how silly is that?) So, like clazar123 said, they are out there for resale and well worth waiting for if you have the time and patience -- but neither type is that expensive new either, if you can't wait! I'd still love to try out a cast iron loaf pan. :)