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Flour Recipes

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Flour Recipes



Does anyone know of a resource which provides information on blending flour with other ingredients to produce bread mixes? For example breadflour with nuts and apples or breadflour with malted flakes and so on. I have searched everywhere and cannot find a book, Internet resource on this topic.




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I know I've seen recipes like "homemade Bisquik", or "homemade cake mix" online. Have you tried that as a search word to get you to other ideas?

My bakery features some mixes - just made them up myself. I consider a 'mix' to be everything but the liquid ingredients.


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but there are plenty of recipes on TFL that include a mix for many recipes where soakers, seeds, nuts, meats, cheeses, noodles and just about everything under the sun are included in precise quantities.  When you see one you like you can always create a spreadsheet of the mix and put it in your own book - a great idea.  Before long you will see a pattern develop for certain breads.  This is what  I am currently doing since these mixes are tested by folks at TFL and the pictures will show you exactly what to expect as an end product.

Good luck and mix away :-)

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is "Quick Loaves (150 breads and cakes, Meat and Meatless Loaves) by Jean Anderson" . ISBN 0-06-008883-4. Jean has some pre-mixes she uses as bases for a variety of loaves. Very few use yeast; most are baking powder/soda.


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There are whole cookbooks on making your own mixes as well as "Gift in a jar" recipes where all the ingredients are attractively layered in quart canning jars and given as gifts. There is probably some good info available under those search keywords on Google and here.

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Thanks for the responses I will check them out.