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Pumpkin bread

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Pumpkin bread

I looked here for a recipe for pumpkin bread and all I found was the chemically leavened one and a link to a yeasted recipe that my computer wouldnt open :S

Monday night for me is a seasonal feast and we are eating all the seasonal vegies like pumpkin, squash, apples and corn. Kind of odd considering that in the northern hemisphere ya'll are eating that stuff in October/november. :) but, it IS Autunm turning winter down here in the deep deep south! (Aust)

So, I searched google for a recipe and they all have sugar and spices in them. I found a few but am now getting some ideas.

I am going to try "my own" recipe possibly using spelt flour and I think a little bit of honey would be nice....... and will post the process and result (good or bad) here. :S fingeres crossed!

I've 2 days to work it out in my head........

I love cooking :D and baking :D





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Did you found also my recipe? No spices and just a little bit of honey to feed the yeast:

1 x umrühren bitte  -