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WW baguettes converting

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WW baguettes converting

Hello ya'all...

So, i am new here, english is not my mother language, and have a lot of questions i don't know how to spell it... I am posting this here, because i don't know where to look (how to find it, keywords etc) for this topic.

The thing is, i am making wheat baguettes from KAF whole grain baking book for a friend, who is opening a hemp shop. He asked me to bake something for him using hemp flour and seeds (not canabis i'm happy style...)

I did this recipe:


4 oz whole wheat flour

4oz cool water

pinch of yeast


all of the preferment

7oz water

2oz OJ

5oz whole wheat

9,5oz unbleached bread flour

1,5 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon yeast

I substituted part of wholewheat flour for hemp flour (3,7 oz WW, 1,3oz hemp - instead of 5oz). The baguettes were absolutely fantastic.

The question is, this recipe yields 3-4 baguettes, he needs 20 baguettes. Can i just multiply everything by 5, or are there any ''rules'' when you want to double, quadruple, sixuple (is this a word?not) your yeast dough?

Thank you in advance for your answers!!!!