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Dough Boy Fresh 2 Death!

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Dough Boy Fresh 2 Death!

Whole wheat flour sourdough power

     I just baked a new loaf with the help of my new oven thermometer. As it turns out, I've been baking at a seriously reduced temp up until now. This new loaf has all the toasty crust characteristics I was looking for for so long.  You could probably guess it's whole wheat. I do believe this added to the crust color and toasted tang. That whole wheat hullabaloo worried me wobbly, but I can say that it's a myth. What hullabaloo you ask? For some reason, people are always on about how the whole wheat bran will 'cut' up gluten and reduce dough development. Just like there is more than one way to skin a kitty, one doesn't need kneading to build gluten. I just retard the dough in the fridge for a proprietary amount of time. Only after this initial rest do I proceed to knead.



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Nice job.  Your crumb and crust look spot on.

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My husband is a WW nut, (I hate the bitter stuff), but this looks beautiful. I shall try and bake this for him.

Thanks !



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Hi Anna,


I actually don't use a recipie. I Can tell you that I use a wet starter (no specific hydration, just kinda soupy). After that its all by feel. This allows for some inconsistancy; however, every once in a while a real killer loaf comes outta the oven, and I'm like "Damn, this is a fresh ass loaf!" Hope that answers your quesiton.