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Giusto's in South SF, KAF in SF

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Polish Babka

Giusto's in South SF, KAF in SF

I saw Giusto's Peak Performer 50#bag at Whole Foods in Redwood City and wanted to buy it.

Of course I was told they have to check the price but at the end they didn't sell it to me and I was told

that someone will contact me about the price. I asked twice since then but never got any answers.

Have anyone got that flour from WF? Maybe you tried Giusto's mill in S. SF? I don't want to buy online from their web site, it's too $$.

Where do you get bulk flour in the Bay Area w/o having to drive to Petaluma?

Anyone bought KAF in bulk from their SF wholesaler?



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I've bought 50# bags of several Guisto flours at Rainbow Grocery in SF (Folsom near So. Van Ness).  If they have it in stock they'll sell it to you, but if you call first, they will order it for you.  If I recall, it was around $35 6 months ago.