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waiting easter in Italy

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waiting easter in Italy

Happy Easter to everybody! Here in the North part of Italy we have cold but sunny days.

I've cooked for my family and friends these Hot Cross Buns e this sweet bread that seems Challah (jewish) but is Tsoureki (greek cristian-ortodox) 'cause i love butter in sweets but i also like the look of this six-arms string!!!

Big satisfaction in making them and eating! Especially Tsoureki's slices with a jewish sauce called Haroset: apples, currants, almonds, dried figs, sugar, spices and liquoreus red wine.

Yum! Italian cuisine has wonderful things for Easter, every region has one or two, but sometimes i let my oven wander around the world!!!

Best wishes Scake

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What beautiful baking for Easter - your braided loaf is very, very pretty.
Thanks for letting your oven wander, and for sharing your pictures.
Happy Easter!
:^) breadsong