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Normandy Rye

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Normandy Rye

Baked the Normandy Rye this morning adapted from Nancy Silverton's La Brea Bakery book. I converted to grams and adjusted amounts to match my stye of bread making. I didnt have hard cider so I just used regular apple cider.

Here is my adaptation.

PRE-FERMENT (8-10 hours before)

100g water

50g  flour, white

50g  flour, rye

20g  barley malt syrup

1g   yeast, instant


700g flour, bread

300g flour, rye

400g water

300g cider

20g salt

all the pre-ferment

Mix and shape however it works for you. I think you can impart even more flavor using hard cider or mulled cider. If anyone has a good mulling spice for cider post-it and lets see what kind of results we get.

I bake at 450 degrees farenheight for around 40-50 min, i pull the loafs at an internal temp of 200 degrees.

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So your version is 82% hydration??

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getting 73.6% with 810 liquid  and 11oo flour

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Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Nice baking.