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Dave's Killer Bread Clone?

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Dave's Killer Bread Clone?

I have a pretty good sandwich bread I make often.  However, I'm tiring of my honey wheat loaves and I want something hearty.  The only commercially bought bread I enjoy is Dave's Killer Good Seed Bread.  Anyone on here make something that resembles it?

Looking up the ingredients online, its base would be cracked wheat and whole wheat flour with a mixture of flax, sunflower, sesame, and oat fiber. I'm just wondering if there's a good recipe out there or should I just wing it?


I saw a spelt recipe on here that looks good.  Does that have the same texture as wheat?

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Search "Three seed Sourdough" on this site. It contains toasted sesame, and sunflower seed, and flax. Might be just what you're looking for. This is my wife's favorite bread

This is the recipe I use:

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Hanseata's blog too.  She is the 'Seed Queen' in my book.

Her is her most recent - today

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yeah i saw that and commented on using sourdough starter with it.  I would use mainly wheat flour.  I could use rye, or spelt as an addition.