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Microwavable heating pad turns cold oven into proof box

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Microwavable heating pad turns cold oven into proof box

After trying all sorts of work arounds to turn my oven into a proof box on cold days with the windows open, I tried nuking a microwaveable heating pad hubby has for his  bursitis, putting it on the shelf below the bowl of dough in a cold oven.  It keeps the oven warm for a good long time and seems to work better than the rather wimpy light bulb.


shastaflour's picture

What a terrific low-tech solution! Is that one of the pads that is filled with rice, or does it utilize something else? How long does the pad give off enough heat?

I would love to try this. :)


HeidiH's picture

It's a microwaveable moist heat pad.  I don't know what the beads are inside of it.   Today I microwaved it for 90 seconds each time I did a stretch and fold at 45 minute intervals and that kept the oven warm enough but not hot. 

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thanks for the wonderful idea.


JoyousMN's picture

That is a great idea. I've been heating up a big pan of boiling water and setting it in the oven. It provides a nice bit of steam and warmth. But it doesn't last very long, I'm guessing the microwave heating pad might last longer.