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Brief Update - Europain Swag...

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Brief Update - Europain Swag...

I'm bumping about the crumbled abode, not quite myself, unpacking my suitcase, doing piles of laundry, and sorting through my Europain swag.  I try to be restrained on this, because I won't check baggage and a week long trip does fill up the carry-on.

Those of you who followed my exploits at IBIE will be pleased to note that I got a plastic scraper from Caplain - a company that markets small scale bakery machinery including (and this is so exciting) a table top, hand cranked sheeter.   Now that would fit in my house.  How cool is that!

From Revent, I got a great shopping bag emblazoned with "Make Ciabatta. Not war." on one side and "Blood, sweat, and baguettes" on the other. Oh, and both sides also contain the photos of artisan bakers who are way, way easier on the eyes than The Naked Baker. Aditionally - and this is so fabulous - I opened the bag and thought "Geez, I really need to remember to dump out bread crumbs before I pack" (and I do have a lot of bread crumbs in my luggage) - but when I went to empty them out, they were printed on the cardboard that formed the base of the bag.  It's the details that matter.

Revent also supplied me a t-shirt proclaiming "In Bread we Trust."  Neat.

Of course there is the Europain lanyard.

But, I send out to you one more piece of info from the Revent company.  Now my phone is not smart, so I don't know from these things, but Revent has created an "app" called Bread Seeker.  The English wedsite is:  I seem to read that it is for both the iPhone and Android, but again, not my thing, and it seems to be free.  It is supposed to tell you, based on your current location, the bakeries that are in your area.  The website also has some videos (with subtitles) - you may wish to check it out.

Okay, tired, hurting, and not up to snuff - still coming down from that Europain high...



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Now, that takes skill.  Packing for a week in Paris with just a carry-on.    And having enough space to tuck in the nifty things you brought back.  

Checked out that table top sheeter at the Caplain website.  Indeed it's pretty cool.  Noticed they export, too.  Could it be that you'll finally get your sheeter?  

Thanks for the tip about the Bread Seeker.  Downloaded it to my iPad, asked it to seek - and waited, and waited, and waited until it told me I needed to connect to the Internet.  I was connected.   The app claims to search for bakeries within 500 kilometers of one's location, but it first needs users to provide the bakery/bread information so its database can be developed.  I tried to add the one little bakery an hour away, but that can only be done through Facebook.  I don't do FB, so that was that.  Maybe I'll send Revent an email and they can add the info.  

Think it could be a super little app, though, once it starts getting used here in the states.  Sure would be great to have such info while in NYC or Chicago.  

Watched the Breadtastic video.  Very French, and I say that with a smile.

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I'm a travel professional.  Packing as light as I do takes the willingness to wear what you are scheduled to wear and not care much about being in style.  It's actually even more impressive than it seems - in the colder months I don't like to be bothered with a coat while I do transit, so my coat is included in the volume of the carry on...

Yeah, I don't know much about smart phone/iPad apps - I'm sure that there are many bakeries to be added - but it might be cool if you are in France.

I'm giving strong consideration to that sheeter.  Right now I'm tied up with replacing my roof and getting my mixer repaired (it threw a bearing), but I can see myself giving in to temptation in the future... :>)

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Hi Pat,

I've been following your posts avidly this last week and wanted to thank you for taking the time out from your vacation to write-up your adventures in Paris and at the Europain Exhibition. Thoroughly enjoyable posts, each and every one. 

The Caplain hand cranked sheeter is extremely cool! I have a feeling it's way over my current budget, but at least I know they exist. Maybe Brod & Taylor could/should pick up a licence from Caplain, or develop their own model for the North American market. Let's hope!



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for reading my posts.  I am starting to see a little sheeter in my future....

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Mini Oven

birth arrival announcement!   Enjoying your posts!      ...Mini