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Free Pound of Caraway Seeds

HeidiH's picture

Free Pound of Caraway Seeds has a different freebie each week.  This week it's whole POUND of caraway seeds free with a $20 order.  Their shipping is free, too, and I've ordered from them several times with good luck.  Even with liberally using caraway on rye bread and cabbage it would take me years to go through a pound of them.  One of you all might use them faster, though, so thought I'd give a heads up.

suave's picture

But with $20 purchase it is not exactly free, is it?  FWIW I bough a fist sized bag of caraway seeds at a local market for $1.50 a few weeks ago.  Although I guess for someone with seroiusly depleted spice rack it is a much better deal than paying McCormick prices.

Yerffej's picture

Thanks for pointing this out.  After looking over the site I find that their prices are quite high.  I get organic spices from Mountain Rose Herbs and find their pricing to be far more favorable.