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Bosch MUM 86 Stand mixer vs Kitchenaid Heavy duty

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Bosch MUM 86 Stand mixer vs Kitchenaid Heavy duty


I'm new to TFL and have been a quiet reader for the longest time. I love your site = )

I bake alot of bread - Japanese type soft loaf, whole wheat loafs as well as artisan ones. I have been using my hand to knead all these while. I normally bake like 2 - 3 loafs in quantity.

I recenty injured my right hand and I'm looking into buying/investing in a good stand mixer. I was looking at the higher end ( 7 Q Kitchenaid ) online but only to find that there's only two models of KA available in the Hong Kong market. The artisan and heavy weight (5K5SS ). Right now I'm looking into either getting a KA heavy weight or Bosch MUM86

Can anyone tell me - those that have used these mixers - which will be a better machine to buy ?! I'm looking at dough kneading for bread as well as cakes and cookies ( which I know wouldn't have a problem in either machines )

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you

Blessings, Chris

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Hi Chris,

So glad you posted! Welcome to the conversation here at TFL. :)

From everything I have read and experienced, I'd say go with the Bosch. The KitchenAid's strength is not kneading bread dough, and all the Bosches I know of excel at this. KAs are terrific for cakes, etc., etc., but tend to burn out when kneading dough -- especially whole wheat dough -- and even the biggest KAs are only rated to handle a couple of whole wheat loaves at a time. We have a Bosch Universal Plus as well as a KA 600 Pro (which was the biggest KA prior to the 7 qt.)  Thankfully we heard the horror stories about the newer KAs failing while kneading dough before we tried it, so it's still in great shape.

The MUM86 isn't available where I live (to my knowledge), but looks like a more powerful version of the Bosch Compact, which is. I know that most folks who have the Compact love it, so I can only imagine that the MUM86 would be similarly well-liked. Hopefully some folks in countries where the MUM86 is available will chime in with their thoughts and experiences.

All the best! <><


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Hi Marguerite

Thank you so much for replying so quickly ! Your thoughts are very helpful to me.

I have been reading and reading about the different models and I understand that the older models of KA were well made till Whirlpool took over and now developed mixers for the masses and thus the quality is not as before.

The MUM86 I think is the latest model and it says professional... so I really hope it will live up to its name = ) In terms of pricing, the Bosch is alot more to the KA heavy weight ( the only higher model that is available here )

Initially I was so set in getting a KA ( cos I've always wanted one and told myself that should I have the opportunity in getting a mixer.. it will be a KA ) and i prefer the look of the KA better though. But after reading all the mishaps of alot of KA owners, I started having mixed thoughts = (

I hope to hear from people who have used the MUM 86 before I nail it down.





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Hi Christine,

The question you have asked has come up a great many times on this forum and the answer is always the same; don't buy a Kitchenaid to make bread.  You can search the forum archives and find all the various discussions.



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Hi Jeff

Thank you for your reply. Yes... I do know that there are tons on the forum on KA mixers.

I wanted to know the heavy weight model in particular as well as anybody who has used the Bosch MUM 86


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While I own and use a KA (6qt, 20 years old), I've used the newer ones in other's homes many times and just hate them.  You cannot make all the dough you want without the machine stopping to cool down for 10-15 minutes.   You cannot add ingredients without special techniques and equipment to limit spillage.  They cannot be left alone while kneading the dough because they walk.

I never heard such bad things about the Bosch, though I don't own one.  I do use an Electrolux DLX, which I think is marvelous.  It's expensive new but I bought mine on the cheap at an estate sale.  It was nearly new and now, almost a decade later, still appears so.  I like it because it's strong, stable, never walks, and, because of its design, adding ingredients rarely results in the mess I make when I use my KA.

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Hi Christine,

I Googled the Bosch MUM 86 and it looks just like my own Bosch Compact - except the 86 has that nice stainless steel bowl.  The bowl that came with mine is plastic, but someday I'll replace it with stainless.

I also have a KA Artisan stand mixer.  I bought the Bosch because the KA just cannot handle stiff dough, such as the 58% hydration bagel dough I regularly mix.  I would have to put an ice pack on the motor head to keep it cool.  Now, I've used the KA to mix higher hydration doughs with no issues such as overheating, or the mixer walking.  Nor have I ever had any problems adding ingredients to the bowl.  

However, since getting the Bosch stand mixer, I now use it exclusively because it mixes the dough more thoroughly than the KA, has a smaller footprint, and I can carry it with one hand (try that with any KA).   I mix my bagel dough at speed two for six minutes in the Bosch.  It doesn't even get warm.  

In my experience, the Bosch is definitely the better mixer of the two.  Only reason I haven't sold my KA is because I have the meat grinder and grain mill attachments, so that's what it's used for now.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Bosch.  Can't say the same for any new KA, regardless of model.


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Thank you for all your comments.. Really appreciate it and it helps me narrow down my decision = )

Lindy... the MUM 86 housing is die-cast aluminium whereas Compact is plastic. I think the motor power is 1600 for the MUM 86. I was told its a professional model therefore the price difference between the 86 and the compact is triple the price. The paddle, whisk and dough hooks are in steel and adjustable. I was also looking at the MUM 5 which is the model below the 86 and the housing for that is also plastic and part of the whisk, hook and paddle are in plastic too.

Looks like I will get the Bosch instead of the KA cos it handles the kneading of dough better.



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Hi Lauren


I'm sorry to get back to you so late as I've not visited the TFL site for awhile = )

I would say go for the Bosch MUM86. It's a machine that can handle bread dough very well. I have been using it since March this year and have enjoyed it much. I've only managed to make 3 loafs portion and the MUM86 can handle that. I have not baked more than that amount.

it's a pretty solid piece of machine and I have no regrets getting it. The only problem I had was choosing the colour ! haha

I was deciding between the red and grey and Grey won in the end = ) Which I was really glad cos it's beautiful.

Let me know what you have decided.



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Hi, I have a cheap clone of the Bosch compact, and although overall I like it I have to report that the implements (in particular the hook, that i used most) are extrenely thin, so thin that I broke my hook twice.I don't know if the PRO line has a more solid hook, but judging from the pictures I've seen they are identical to the ones I have.