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My first 'creative' pizza.

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My first 'creative' pizza.

Crushed san marzano tomatoes, fresh mozz, spinach, prosciutto, and a egg pizza.  High gluten dough, I like the chew.  Fermented in the fridge for about 10 hours, a few stretch and folds in there, and then proofed for 45 minutes rougly. Combination cooking of cast iron griddle and broiler - total cook time around 4 minutes.  By 'creative', I mean not pepperoni and cheese or such.

Sorry for the thin DoF on the pics, didn't check my aperture first.

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I could eat pizza every day.  Especially beautiful ones!


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is one of the greatest things ever, isn't it?

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Yes, yes it is.  I've only recently tried it, but its pure magic.

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sahar yassen