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Active Dry Yeast question

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Active Dry Yeast question

Hello everybody.  I have one of those glass jars of fleshmans active dry yeast that has been opened.  i put in in the back of refridgerator and then we had that big sno storm here in washinton/ seattle area back in janary.  power was out for like 1 week.  i didn't open the fridge during this time.  would you think the yeast is still good to make stuff.  should i proof it to make sure its still alive.

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I would proof it to make sure that it is okay... I am betting that it is fine.

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The yeast should be working with no problem. Also, you can keep yeast in the freezer way past it's expiration date. Use straight from the freezer.

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I have no doubt that the yeast is still good.  The comment on storing it in the freezer is a good one - the stuff can last for years there.  My only suggestion, since it is Active Dry Yeast and not Instant Dry Yeast, would be to proof it in a bit of the water from the recipe/formula, just to make sure.  99 times out of 100, it will be good.  You just don't want to be caught that one time with a formula using expensive or hard to obtain ingredients and not having the yeast rise.

Happy baking.