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need some help revising my recipe (olive oil? flex seeds?)

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need some help revising my recipe (olive oil? flex seeds?)

i am in the process of revising my recipe to include olive oil (for better preservation) and to finally solve the stickiness problem with the flex seeds.

the recipe is:

  • 300g white wheat gluten rich flour (30%)
  • 700g whole wheat flour (70%)
  • 700 grams water (70% hydration)
  • 16 g salt 1.6% / 20 g 2% (depending weather or not i use the seeds)
  • 2o g instant dry yeast 2%
  • 60 g flex and sesame seeds 6% (after a night´s soak in 100 gram water)
  • total flour 1kg (100%)

the poolish

  • 200g whole wheat flour (20%)
  • 200 g water
  • 4 g yeast (20%)

so that leaves for the final dough

  • 500g whole wheat flour
  • 300g white gluten rich flour
  • 300g water
  • 16 g salt
  • 16g yeast


so what should i be considering when incorporating olive oil? should i simply add it in, reduce the correlating water amount, how much to put?

as for the flex seeds, i´ve been incorporating them with the poolish in the final mix (after a night soak) but it makes the whole mass very very stick (i am kneading by hand and i´m not very experience) i´m thinking to either put them first in the poolish (to break down all the jelliness) or to actually wash them before incorporating them into the final mix (washing away the jelliness)

i know it´s rather a high hydration dough but the last baking i omitted the flex seeds and could handle it just fine so i´m not worried about that.

all this for two loaves of bread (does that make sense or is that too much?)

any comments and help is more then welcome (thanks in advance, i´ve been eating my own bread for the last couple of weeks thanks to all of you!)


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Mini Oven

Are you using whole flax seeds?  The kind that just pass thru your digestive system?  

Try not soaking them.  Use cracked or short processed flax (use a coffee grinder) and add directly into the flour.  I don't bother soaking flax or sesame seeds.  Put the 100g water into the dough.   You may find that releasing the oil in the seeds is all your recipe needs without adding olive oil.  Try and see.


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hey there mini ;O)

yes i am using whole FLAX seeds, i have no way to crush them really... and i don´t really want since i love their taste (thats why it´s important to soak them, otherwise yes... they won´t probably get digested...)

i didn´t think about it as a replacement to the the olive oil, that´s a good point but as i won´t be crushing them i think i will add olive oile... i´m thinking 2%

do i need to account for water or what?

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I just add it when I mix the final dough. I've never reduced the water as it really doesn't contribute hydration.It may not reduce the stickiness of the dough, if that is from the flAx seeds but it will enrich the dough and  help with shelf life. You may just need to oil or dampen your hands when working with this dough. There are all kinds of posts on working with sticky dough-try searching.

The technique and recipe sounds similar to what I do. The technique produces a moist,delicious loaf with great shelf life. (though I do sweeten with honey). Easy enough to just try it. 

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ok so ill just add it in i guess...

as for the flax seeds, i tried to soak them and then wash away the jelly... no go! it´s impossible... even with hot water, the gunk will just stay there (only thing i could think of was maybe using some cloth to dry it but didnt want the big mess)

instead i put them on the pan with some condiments and made a patty... another culinary failiur ;O/

meanwhile the poolish for tomorrow got too warm, i´m considering making a new one but i don´t want to waste the dough...

ummm.... i see a long road a head!