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My first attempt at a gluten free sourdough loaf

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My first attempt at a gluten free sourdough loaf

It was a stunning day in Melbourne yesterday so I decided to bake my first gluten free sourdough loaf by the pool, I figured my day was going to end in disappointment with my bread so I might as well enjoy the sun while baking. lol

I pretty much played around (probably my downfall) and didn't really follow a recipe, I used flax seed oil and whey (from my homemade cottage cheese) instead of water. As you can see from the photos my loaf doubled in size so my starter must be doing it's job, so I'm really pleased with that part. The crust was good but I got zero oven spring, I baked the loaf in my dutch time I might try lowering the cooking temperature at the beginning and then turn it up???? Could also be my slashing??  The crumb was definitely bread like and not cake like and had a nice sour flavour, tho it was really dense, more like a rye bread.

All in all not a great loaf of bread but a great starting point.


Cheers Sonia



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Mini Oven

As far as flavour goes, you may be playing with this forever!  Great!  

I got a bottle of hemp seed oil here that might give a nutty flavour.   Have you figured out the carbohydrate & fiber amounts of a slice of the bread?  How is it toasted?  Have you tried toasting some potato flour before using?  :)

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Hi Mini,

My husband actually toasted a slice last night and it toasted fine but you couldn't have a slice fresh, it was very dry! Toasting potato flour? As in dry frying in a pan? Never heard of that, what would that do to the flour?

Thanks for the help, Sonia