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bulk grain in new england

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bulk grain in new england

So apparently living in New England means you either need to be a millionair to afford ordering grain to mill, or you need to be a member of a secret organization that I can't find on google.  I would like to become part of the wonderful world of wheat millers, but I'm not going to buy a mill if I can't purchase the stuff to put in the mill.  So....anyone here live in New England?  The Bread Beckers do a co-op way up in Mass, but I would really like to find something in RI, CT, or just over the boarder in Mass.  Any info would be greatly appretiated!

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there's a place in Amherst Center, MA called Wheatberry Farm and Bakery. That might be too far to travel, but they would certainly know other growers and suppliers.


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So, I grew a brain, and stopped trying to find a co-op that worked with the larger grain companies that I was finding on line, and googled Co-ops in Connecticut, and surprise, found one very near to my home town!  I'm very excited, am going to check it out and see what kind of grains they carry on a regular basis.  Let the researching of grain mills begin!

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Robert C.

Hi Loaflady,

If you catch this post, could you let me know which one you found?

The nearest I seem to find near Stamford, CT is Wild Hive Farm, strictly speaking in NY. But at 1.5 hrs away, that is burning a lot of gas, and not very supportive of the desire to support local farmers! Wilamantic has a store, but hat is the same issue, further away than desirable.