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It's all about the proofer

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It's all about the proofer

I want to share with you how happy I am with the Brod & Taylor proofer (I am not a paid spokesperson, just a happy customer). It is well worth the investment. Why? Because it provides a consistent, controlled environment for your dough to proof. It works for building a levain, fermenting dough, and final proofing. I can achieve exact dough temps without it being a hassle. I can predict the timing of the dough much better since the temp inside the proffer is consistent. What a difference it has made in the final bread.

I was worried that it wouldn’t be big enough – those worries are gone. It is a great size. And it collapses into a good size for storing in a cupboard. Here are some pictures of the proofer in action.

And if you need one more reason, it tempers chocolate like a dream. If you have tried to temper chocolate, you know that temperature is king. The Brod & Taylor eliminates seizing (no water involved), too high melting temps, and the dreaded blooming. It does take longer to melt the chocolate but it is hands-off time. This is one fine appliance.


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My sprouts are so happy to start out in a nice warm cozy place.  

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I do wish it were wide enough to handle baguettes, though.


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I haven't had any size limitations yet with my B&T proofer, I did bring up this topic as a possible drawback in an earlier post. Since then I have been thinking about it and concluded that since the heating element section may be detached from the sides and top, it would be possible to construct a larger side and top assembly which you could set over the heating element/base. The original  unit could be re-assembled and stored, and the larger sides and top could be stashed until needed. Let me know what you come up with. I've been brain storming materials that would be similar to the original (e.g. light weight, sanitary, collapsible, and so on). Just a thought. Great product as the many testimonials demonstrate. My partner has been making yogurt in ours and she loves it, (I've had to deal with possession issues-however)! Enjoy your creative time everyone. Thomas.

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Because I can more easily figure out the timing for my sourdough:

And because it fits into my parchment drawer:


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According to the Joe pastry blog, this thing is also good at making yogourt and creme fraiche and could quite possibly work admirably as a chocolate temperer.

Here's the ink if anyone is interested:



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The thought of going back to plastic tubs and Styrofoam coolers for proofing is'nt even a consideration since having this appliance. I can get by just fine without a mixer, but the B&T Proofer is an essential tool for my home baking most of the year. When I eventually need to replace it I won't think twice about doing so, it's that good at what it does. 


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My house is never above 70 during the winter and proofing became a huge challenge in making better bread.  I knew I had to somehow, maintain a consistent temperature for proofing throughout the mass of the dough, not just on the surface.  No more checking the temperature for hours while bulk proofing with a jury-rigged apparatus (more times than not, with no better success) and no more waiting six hours on the final rise.  IMO, the Brod & Taylor proofer is well worth the investment before buying a mixer or grain mill.  It's helped with my confidence.

- Sharon

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The BF gave one to me for Christmas..i love it, and am so much more sure of the sourdough times now because i can control it (whereas my cold kitchen/hot spot near the stove in the living room) were unpredictable and variable at best. Only thing i wish was that i could do baguettes in it...well, i just call them stumpettes right now...i do need to see about rigging up a second rack to hang above the first one if possible. Discussion was to do it with large unfolded paperclips..jsut need to find the rack to do it with. But i mine!!! 


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What a lovely post!  Thank you so very much!


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No more worries about chilly winter days or a/c draughts. I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall consistency of the proofing times and reliable quality of the the finished breads since I got the Brød & Taylor proofer. Of all my "bread gadgets" this is the best purchase since my first package of yeast and the old bread machine!
I learned about it here on TFL; so thanks to all who led me to it [Eric, Sylvia, Franko, et al].

Bake on!....

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...but 3 times the cost, and 6/10ths the volume, and it won't hold a half-sheet pan; compared to the one I built, I'll pass.

David G

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Isn't it great that there are options for all kinds of needs? Each of us can be happy with the products meet our individual needs.