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Hello All, I make a 9" sandwich loaf (sub style) that is some-what like a French bread.I am pleased with the crust and crumb, but unfortunately it stales and become quite hard after about 10-12 hours. If I put the loaves in a plastic bag then the crust becomes way, way too chewy. I have been freezing some of them and that seems to work semi-ok. Is there any way I can make a loaf that will last 36-48 hrs. Any ideas would be much appreciated. P.S. I use a 18 hr sponge and the only other ingredients are bread flour, water, yeast and salt

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Best way I have found to make bread that stays fresh for several days is to use high gluten flour or add vital wheat gluten. Makes the loaf fluffier and keeps it soft. My standard home loaf uses 5 oz of wheat in a preferment and 11 oz of high gluten flour for the rest. Adding vital wheat gluten has the same effect, and is handy if you don't have access to high gluten flour (I have to get it at a restaurant supply company, vital wheat gluten is available at many grocery stores).