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Vital Wheat Gluten

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Vital Wheat Gluten

Is there a way of determining jut how much VWG one should use when making whole wheat bread?

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and also somewhere I read (couldn't tell you where) is once you go above 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of dough, the bread starts to taste like cardboard.  That's what I use and it works well.  I once tried a fair amount more and it did not taste right to me.  So make a few loaves, experiment.  Moreover, it is more important is to fully  knead/stretch and fold the dough to get proper development...  Good luck!

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1 teaspoon for each cup of WW flour is the correct amount.  Still, I hardly ever use it, but when I do, I use a little less than that.  Proper formulas, hydration and gluten development are more important.  A high % of WW can need some oomph though.  Oomph is a real word acording to the spell checker!!!

Happy Baking!!