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Pizza dough mix

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Pizza dough mix

Is there a trick to pizza dough? I've heard some add extra gluten. Don't know why. Will a sourdough biga style yeast innoculate it well enough? I cook in a wood fired oven and have yet to cook pizza and that's a shame. Thanks for any help.

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Your oven is much hotter than a kitchen oven. Alot of us find that a higher hydratrion dough with softer flour works well at the high heat.

I use this formula with my WFO with great success for six, 12" pizzas:


     Mother starter at 100% hydration (50% flour 50% water) 42 grams

     Water 128

     Caputo 00 flour 170

     Mix and allow to proof at room temperature about 8 hours or overnight


     All of the starter (340 grams)

     Water 510 grams

     Caputo 00 flour 765 grams

     Salt 21 grams

     Instant, rapid rise, or bread machine yeast 4 grams

     Mix, knead until smooth, allow to proof in refrigerator overnight or up to 3 or four days

Two hours before use, divide in six, roll into balls, allow to rise at room temperature about 2 hours.

Caputo 00 flour is outstanding - I tried it once and will never use anything else for WFO pizza. If you can't get it, try ordinary unbleached flour (NOT bread flour and NOT King Arthur All Purpose flour, which is great flour but has a high protein level).

You can skip the yeast; if you do, pull from refrigerator four or 5 hours before use, divide, ball, and proof.

I calculate this at something like 69% hydration, which works very well for me.

Good luck.


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B.I.G. Bakery-B...

Not much to add to what Karl has already said other than to underscore the use of 00 flour since you have a wood-fired oven.  I was listening to a podcast the other day and the presenter gave some useful advice on making pizza at home.  He said people often use 00 flour in a standard oven on its maximum heat, but he advised against it because the char you get will be too bitter.  00 flour should only be used when you can bake the pizza at 800 or higher.  In which case, you're good to go!  Anyway, if you want to listen to the podcast (which only touches on the pizza topic for a few minutes, FYI), it's here: