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Back Together With Baguette

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smoke signals

Back Together With Baguette

Earlier this week I had a dream about ham & cheese on baguette. Since this was a dream that I could turn into reality, I took up the task of making some baguettes. So many dreams just stay dreams, when you have one within reach: grab it.

I turned to Jeffery Hamelman’s book, Bread, and to an old bakery formula I had from years ago working as a baguette mixer at Red Hen. Pretty strait forward, poolish recipe. But how awesome simple formulas can be! To my delight these baguettes crackled, and tasted like butter and nuts and wheat. It was hard to bake them long enough because I kept wanting to pull them out of and eat them in one, huge bite. 

Dear Baguette,

I am sorry we were apart for so long. I took you for granted. One day you just weren’t there anymore. Maybe the separation did us both some good. I’ve moved a couple of times, have a new boyfriend, in general, things are progressing. But maybe we could think about spending some time together again. I really love the way you smell.

Yours Truly, Smoke Signals  






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Smoke Signals,

Really like the look of your baguettes, crust and crumb---and your note too.  Yes, I think you stayed away too long.   I'm reminded of what Rick  Blaine said to Inspector Renault near the end of the movie Casablanca: "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...".


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Super nice baguettes, I can mix some butter with Roquefort cheese and spread on it and enjoy with a nice glass of red wine.  That's a great diner right there! add some fruits and hecho (done)

Very nice baguettes!



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Lovely sentiments and wonderful baguettes!  Wish my monitor had aroma-scope :)

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That looks amazing. great job!