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Choosing a Pizza/Bread dough mixer

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Choosing a Pizza/Bread dough mixer

hi all... a quick question.

i'm in the process of opening a small italian bakery/pizzeria.  it wil be take out only.  i need some help choosing a mixer.  i have an opportunity to buy a hobart 60 quart used for a good price.  my only concern is if this will be too large of a mixer.  i plan to make one batch of specialty loaves (~30 loaves) and one batch of pizzas (30 large) on a daily basis.  that is just a guess for when i start.  i could probably get by with a 40 quart, but the price is so good on the 60 that i am considering it.  is there any reason NOT to go for the 60 quart?  i need to jump on this ASAP if i want it... can anyone comment on using the 60 quart for smaller batches of dough?

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I really don't have any idea on the big equipment, but I imagine the only thing will be a bigger space for the mixer between the 40Qt and the 60Qt.  The advantage of having the 60Qt is by any reason your business grows more than you expected and you need to increase your amounts of product, you have the machine already.  I think I'll get the 60Qt, I guess the only consideration will be again the size of the unit and I can't imagine it will consume more energy than the 40Qt.  

Are you worry that getting a larger unit will not mix well your smaller loads?  Personally I don't think so, but you can consult the manufacturer.  Anyway, I hope you find the professional answer soon.  Good luck and where would you have your business? and can you shipp your product? hahaha




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I have a 20 qt, but it also has 10 qt bowls, paddles, whisks, etc.  So I really have a 10 qt AND a 20 qt.  You may find that the 60 qt has this same option to use smaller bowls and accessories.  If so, I would definitely go with the larger mixer to allow your (hopefully inevitable) growth.  Good Luck.

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hi, all... thanks, i appreciate your insights.  i'm going to go with the 60 quart.

this leads me to the next question... i've looked all over the interent and i can't seem to find an answer.  the mixer i'm looking at is listed as 200-240/50/60/3/1.  i called the hobart dealer for advice and they told me that this is a dual phase mixer, and it can be used on either single or three phase power with just some simple re-wiring.  can anyone assure me that a 200-240V will work in any area of town?  i'm in the USA.  i thought everything was 120v here, but maybe not?  the spec sheet from the hobart website lists the mixer as  200-240/50/60/3/1.  i just want to be sure that i am able to use the mixer at any location.  currently it's being used at a school and i think it is wired for three phase power.  i might have to rewire, but i also want to make sure this is possible (it is, according to hobart, but the guy that told me has not seen the mixer).  he just said based on the numbers i gave him it "sounds like i could use it anywhere".  i just want to be sure before i spend the money.  thanks for any help!