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San Francisco Country Sourdough

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San Francisco Country Sourdough

My 100% Hydration starter has been realy active lately, so I've made a few loaves using just it, no commercial yeast. Thanks to all the help available here, and practice, they're getting better and better. Here are today's loaves. Unfortunately, I got distracted, and forgot to turn the oven down after 20 mins. SO they're a tad underdone inside. But delicious.

Made a liquid levain the morning before. Fermented it all day. Made the dough that night. Room temp ferment for 3 hours at about 67. (Temp outside here near Boston was 17 last night.) Overnight retard in the fridge. 1 hour room temp this morning. The shaped and proofed for 1.5 hours. baked in cast iron for 20 w/lid, 20 w/o. All at 500 F...ahem. 



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You have made me brave! My next sourdough will be in the cast iron at that incredible temperature... I have never cooked at 500 degrees... Stepping out of my comfort zone.... one toe at a time!  Will let you know the result!


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Mmmmm, looks great!