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Brioche in a KA 600 Pro

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Brioche in a KA 600 Pro

I've been using a KitchenAid for years with the c-hook dough, but recently received a KitchenAid 600 Pro Series mixer as a gift and am wondering about the spiral dough hook . I've read the discussions about this hook, but didn't find a post that related to my questions/concerns. I've been making brioche for several years, usually single batches (approximately 250 grams of flour). With my previous KA mixer, while running at setting #4, I added pieces of butter until each piece was incorporated.  With my new KA and with only 250 grams of flour, I find that I need to help the hook along by stopping the mixer several times and scraping the dry flour into the center several times so the hook with incorporate it into the dough. Is this normal? The directions also indicate that I should not use the hook about level #2; when I tried to incorporate the butter a piece at a time I found that it took a long time (5 minutes) per piece and still at the end there were still pieces of butter that had not been incorporated.

Is 250 grams too little for this mixer? Is the KA 600 really meant to work with larger batches of flour? I make other types of bread that were causing my previous KA a lot of problems (it would heat up and give off an oily smell) which is why I was given the newer model. Is there some trick that I'm missing?



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I've made lots of batches of brioche in my KA 6Qt pro, most of mine have been small, with 227 g of flour.  I usually hold the spiral dough hook in my hand and use it to mix the flour until moistened, then hook it up to the machine for kneading, which I do on speed 4.  I've never had a problem kneading higher hydration/softer bread doughs on 4.  When it comes time to put the butter in, I use speed 4 and often get impatient and put two tablespoons in at a time, on opposite sides of the bowl.  The key to getting the butter in is to have it very soft, softer than you would use it for cake or cookie baking.  Occcaisionally I need to stop the mixer and scrape some butter that is stuck on the side of the bowl, but not very often.

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Thanks for the advise FlourChild. I was concerned whether I could mix on a higher speed using the spiral hook. The flavor of the brioche I made was good, but the texture was not as soft as I get with by previous KA. I'll try it  making the brioche again this weekend using your advice.

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OH BOY!  CAUTION HERE !!  The week before Christmas I attempted the KAF English Muffin Bread recipe. If you scroll down through the comments section you will see at one place where PJ says to go ahead and crank it up to speed 8 on your KA. Well I did that and my KA PRO 600 immediately broke! I mean instantly. You can see the recipe here:

Of course, the warranty has run out, but KA was good and suggested that if DH had any talent at all he could find the replacement parts at the "Mending Shed" on line. Which we did. He bought the entire planetary unit and some food grade grease. It took about a week to get parts and grease, but then went together very quickly. KAF of course claimed they had no responsiblity at all !  DANG those people they SHOULD KNOW that each model KA is different some better, some not so good.  I was broken hearted to see my perfect mixer go down so easily with just a little bit of dough on speed #8. DO NOT GO ABOVE #2 if it has yeast in it  is my recommendation.