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LDS Church sells bulk wheat?

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LDS Church sells bulk wheat?

Well, I've been looking into buying bulk wheat berries and haven't found many great options online. Besides high shipping costs, the price of the wheat often doesn't seem that great. I just stumbled across a new possibility, on the online store run by the LDS church. They sell a box of six 10-pound cans of hard red winter wheat for only $28, with free shipping. It's a little weird that it's in cans, but I guess that's not a problem. Here's a link:

Has anyone bought from here? Anyone find it off-putting buying from a religious website? Or can you recommend me a better option for buying online?

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Home Baker

Case of six #10 cans = 33 lbs.

Walmart in my area stocks two varieties of Wheat Montana in 25 lb. bags for $12.50. I don't know if it's available from

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Didn't consider the 10# cans aren't 10 pounds of wheat.

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Wheat Montana has dealers and resellers in Many areas. If you can buy direct from an LDS cannery that is the cheapest way to go.

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Crusty Jeff

LDS principals are that folks need to be prepaired to feed their family in times of emergency.  Canned wheat is stored at home to grind for flour etc.  Considering that it is canned for long term storage it looks like a pretty fair price.  Shipping would eat up a fair ammount of the selling price.  I'll bet you could get a better price bying wheat in #50 or #100 bags.  Good luck.

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The free shipping is what caught my eye in particular.

Shipping from Wheat Montana, on the other hand, is something like $80.

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mike owens

i wouldn't feel odd buying from here, thats what it's there for.  however, i don't know about the hard red from there  but i have bought alot of the hard white and it is an average quality wheat.  if you can find some wheat montana i find it far superioir - i like the bronze chief personally

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I too am lds and have bought a lot of various food storage items from the cannery. Now you should know that the wheat in #10 cans packed properly will last 30 years. I dont mind the church wheat but I like Montana Milling wheat it is the best hands down after testing many different wheat mills products. They have a website call Cheryl for current pricing.