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NYT no knead first timer

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NYT no knead first timer

I have been dying to make this bread. Unfortunately i did not have the right kind of pot to cook it in. or even something close. So i figured one of these days i would find one on sale or something. yeaterday a lady at church wanted to get rid of her lovely pot for the oven. its metal with a lid and was perfect!


so of course i came right home and got the dough together.


fast forward to today and I just took it out of the oven. And its CRACKlLING loudly as it cools. I have never made bread crackle! I am so excited!


I am going to die till it cools off and i can open it up.......



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Glad you are having fun! And how nice that you finally found the right pot.


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Sorry you waited so long.  Glad its working out for you.

If you look on ebay and plug in the words cast iron enamel or the word copco you will find phenomonel pots at a fraction of the price.  I've been using the copco size 3  and Ive even used size 2. Initially, I used 7 qt and 5qt but I found that too big.  I really like the way it comes out in the smaller pots. Its much higher.