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whole wheat formulas

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smoke signals

whole wheat formulas

I am looking for a 100 percent, whole wheat, sourdough formula that involves only flour, water, culture & salt. I realize there are many on this site and I would like to know what folks think is the best option. I'll be baking around 15 loaves in a convection oven for my CSB. (Community Supported Bread)
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Bread Engineer

I use TXFarmer's 36 hour baguette formula, at 95% hydration (400 g water, 425 g flour, 150 g 100% starter). It has been a reliable formula for me, despite my slowly improving shaping skills.

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desem works well if you have the starter


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Here's a link to the classic desem post from the archives - JMonkey converts a bit of starter into WW, and does a Desem-style cool/slow expansion: