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Hamleman's 80% 3-stage detmolder Rye

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Hamleman's 80% 3-stage detmolder Rye

Having lusted over High percentage, multistage Rye breads for some time now, and being inspired by recent posts such as Phil’s and Cordruta’s, I finally took the plunge.

This is one time consuming, precariously scheduled recipe, that leaves you wondering at the end, whether or not crafting this bread is worth it.

Medium Rye is not available where I live, and so I improvised by sifting whole grain rye flour. The resultant flour consistency is close to a medium rye (I think).

I followed Hamelman’s instructions, including 1 tsp of yeast at the end. As usual, this is a paste rather than a dough, and therefore to boost the 20% bread flour strength , I added 1 Tbl Vital wheat gluten to the final mixture.

The Paste, rounded by wet hands. Bowl oiled slightly with water.

 The paste, divided and rounded by wet hands.

Smooth top Heavily Dusted with whole Rye flour.

Inverted into a 50% bread flour, 50% rice flour dusted kitchen towel.

 After 50 minutes of proofing.

Inverted on to parchment, with corn meal at the bottom.

32 hours later.

Lovely slightly moist crumb, and chewy rye-infused flavored crust. Very typical of German Rye.

The verdict: worth it, only if i could afford a whole day at home.

What spreads would best complement this bread? anyone?

This was my last bread of 2011, happy New year everyone!




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Love the look of that nice even crumb!

Some of my favourite toppings for German-style ryes:
smoked salmon and cream cheese, maybe with some chopped capers
soft cheeses
smoked or unsmoked cold beef slices with horseradish
butter and honey

Happy New Year to you and all at TFL!

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Hi Khalid,

A successful outcome to baking using complex processes such as Hamelman's 3 stage Detmolder or Auerman's 3 stage process is one of the most satisfying aspects to my baking.

I'm sure you probably now feel the same having created these 2 lovely boules.

With very best wishes for 2012!


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Thank you so much Ross! I've been planning to bake it for a week!

Thanks for the suggestions on the topping. Happy New year!

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Thank you, Andy! I treasure your compliment, Andy. The process was tedious for a home Baker, but i hope the rewards are enough, tonight!

you have a Merry New year eve, Andy!

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I endorse Ross' list of toppings. I would add an accompaniment of pickled herring. I haven't tried it, but I think this kind of rye would also be good with egg salad.

Happy New Year to you!


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Brilliant way to finish the year Khalid! A terrific looking 80% rye and with a crumb to die for. It's obvious a lot of care and attention went into it this loaf, the results are excellent. As for spreads or toppings, any kind of smoked fish would go well, maybe some grilled lamb sausage.. or perhaps some Port Salut cheese and toasted almonds. All the best in the New Year my friend!


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Thank you, David! Herring! sounds delicious. Egg salad would be good too. i shouldn't have sliced the bread thin, the crumb wasn't all that substantial. Happy New Year to you too!


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Thank you, Franko! I guess that with all those exotic sounding toppings, i'll have to make do with what simple ingredients i have in the fridge. I've purchased smoked salmon, and some cream cheese, rockets, though... I've only had some last night... YUM, they really are delicious.

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Lovely looking bread Khalid. I just started my first all-rye starter this weekend. Hope I will get some time to use it in the not too distant future.
All the best,

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Thank you Syd!

You'll have a world of flavor waiting for you. Try a sour rye for a starter in Pain au levain recipe.

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Wow Khalid.   That looks great.  Rye and a bit of creamcheese can't be beat in my opinion.   We shouldn't forget that Rye is a humble bread.   -Varda

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Hi Khalid, I have a glimpse of all the effort put into this labor of love, and understand when you say, worth it if I have a whole day to spend at it, still one nice looking Rye. My list of things to go with it would surely include boneless sardines, with a strong cheese and onions. Happy and prosperous, New Year.


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Cycling Baker

Looks tasty…

Are the holes in the crust simply an alternative to slashing the loaves or is are the holes indicative to this kind of bread?

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Hello and Happy New Year, Khalid~
what beautiful rye bread, and enjoyed seeing the step-by-step photos.
:^) from breadsong

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Great crumb Khalid!

Great, great crumb!

How did you go with sifting the rye flour? I find I catch so much bran with the sifter I use. I think I will need to purchase a coarser screen.

It is quite a process ... so happy you had a excellent result. I find I question the time spent on it a whole lot more when things go pear-shaped.

Best wishes for the new year.


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Thank you Varda! True, Rye is a humble bread, NOT! not here at least! it is an exotic bread (especially authentic German types). I live in region where Pita breads reign, and cotton candy loaves too. When i bake such breads.. i usually ration its consumption. Only rye flour available here is Dover farm organic wholegrain flour, talk about monopoly! The price of 1 Kg. is 3 us$. It only comes in 1Kg paper bags, too.

Enough of that already! then again , you are right.. Rye isn't a festivity bread, its qualities and flavor are truly humble and earthly.

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Thank you, Ray! and thanks for the suggestins. Happy New year to you too.

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Hi, Cycling Baker

As you said , holes are made on high percentage rye doughs, as a means of allowing even expansion in the oven. Slashing will deflate the already frail proofed dough, as rye flour contains little gluten to support its structure. It so happens, that such holes are often associated with Hearth type Rye breads.


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Thank you , Breadsong! and a Happy New year to you.

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Hi, Phil, and thank you!

I sifted a store bought Rye flour: Dover Farm Wholegrain flour. The flour's consistency is fine with tiny coarse rye particles. The sieve i use is a splatter screen lined by steel. It is a fine mesh sieve, as it manages to catch lots of bran. The sifted flour is very fine, with tiny specks of ground bran.



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one day later because as a motto says "masterpiece in new year's day - masterpiece all year long"!

As for the topping... I don't see the need:-) Rye breads are so tasty on their own accord! Anyway a creamcheese is an unbeatable complement, in my opinion. Mascarpone, or if you can find it, squaquerone (unlikely, to say the truth) with its sweeeeet taste.

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Why, thanks, Nico! That is very kind of you. Rye bread alone is good enough.

Happy New year to you!