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Effective 1/1/12, New Enhancements to

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Effective 1/1/12, New Enhancements to

Hi all,

I'm really excited to report that as of New Year's Day, NYB is implementing new shopping cart software that with features and functions that make it easier than ever to do business with us. Our new capabilities include:

  • Automated order acknowledgement and shipping notification.
  • Expanded payment options that let you use all of the major bank cards, as well as PayPal.
  • A new and improved Shipping Calculator that provides access to a broad range of shipping choices that more closely reflect actual delivery times, weight and distance.
  • Search and Advanced Search features that let you quickly find items that you previously had to hunt for.
  • Your full Order History, as of our 1/1/2012 go-live date.</li>
  • A Permanent Shopping Cart that remembers the items you add until you either remove them or proceed to checkout.
  • A Personalized Address Book that allows you to have orders delivered to addresses other than yours - perfect for gift-giving.
  • Product Reviews that let you share your opinions of our products with other NYB customers.

And last but not least all NYB customers are automatically enrolled in the NYB Frequent Flour program, which awards customers 1 point for every dollar spent on NYB merchandise. Points earned translate intoacross-the-board discounts of as much as 20%, starting immediately and good for as long as you maintain a qualifying point balance. We're automatically setting up accounts for all past and present NYB customers, and you can look for an email on or about New Year's Day containing your log in information.

Think of it as our way of saying "Thank you" for your continuing support.

We're really excited about this and invite everyone to have a look around.

Happy New Year!

Stan Ginsberg
(posted with Floyd's permission)

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Thanks for letting us know about the upcoming improvements. You have addressed many of the issues I found troubling and look forward to the new software implementation.


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I like the Frequent Flour Points - hopefully I do better with those than with the pesky Frequent Flyer Miles.

Happy New Year, Stan,



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new shopping-cart enabled NYBakers website is up and running!

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speed racer

Did you do away with your sourdough page?

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Unfortunately, we've had to discontinue the starters, since they were taking up a disproportionate amount of time and energy.  We'll be posting a page shortly with that information and also with info on where/how to grow your own. Perhaps another TFLer would be willing to start the starter exchange we evisioned at one time, because it's still something I think our community would benefit from ... Unfortunately, it can't be NYB.

With regrets,


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We're pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover.  A lot of you have been asking for this and it's been a long time coming, but finally here.

Stan Ginsberg