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My Christmas dinner

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My Christmas dinner

Christmas has not been a convention in our culture. But people love to celebrate the day as a holiday. I, too, love the Christmas spirit and atmosphere. I still remember the family that invited me to their home for Christmas Eve and the big feast they offered while I was studying in Kansas. The warm hospitality has always been the mark of my American experience.

The Christmas dinner is pretty much a warming-up event for our Chinese New Year which is less than 4 weeks away. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law's family were invited. They enjoyed the meal a lot.     

I call the dinner " The east meets the west". Except roasted chiken, focaccia, and paella, I also prepared our traditional hot pot to warm up everyone. Temperature in the Christmas Eve was close to 10 degrees C.


The roasted chicken was a total success. It's the highlight of the dinner that night.


Crispy outside and juicy inside. Yammy!!


Paella is another focus. The broccoli made itself Christmas tree~~~Haha~~~




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If the flavors are as good as the pictures (and I'm sure that they are), you had a wonderful dinner.


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Looks stunning! There's a lot of work that went into that dinner. Wonderful assortment of tastes and colours.

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I am soooo impressed by the beauty of the foods you prepared.  The colors are riveting and beyond inviting.  

Sometimes I see things that just make me want to look at because of the sense of awe they create in me and your meal has done that.

 I can't imagine all the planning and time it took for you to create such a masterpiece and the care you put into it is more than evident!  Thanks so much for sharing it here so I got to a chance to witness your 'art'.  :-) 

Happy New Year to you!  I remember the big celebrations in the city I lived in growing up, San Francisco, when the Chinese New Year was celebrated.  It was always a treat when we got to go and watch the parade.  I remember the dragons and the fire crackers...noise every where :-0

Take Care,


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as to how you make that roast chicken would you?   It looks amazing (as does all the other food.)   I know this is a bread site but... -Varda

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Wow that is quite a spread! Everything looks picture perfect. I'm wondering about the dish to the left of the Paella. Is it some kind of mushroom dish? Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing and soon we will hopefully see the New Year dinner?


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Everything looks so delicious and beautifully prepared for your Christmas feast.  Happy Chinese New Year and like Eric, hope you can post some photos of the dinner prepared for your celebration.


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Look at that table, all those beautiful foods, your kitchen must smell so good. But you are a naughty girl to make me, all of us, so hungry. Thanks for posting.