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Uncooked Brown Rice Yeast Bread

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Uncooked Brown Rice Yeast Bread

Does anyone have a recipe for uncooked (of course I'll cook it first) Brown rice.  I like the taste of it cooked and wonder if there is a bread recipe using it.  I think there is rice flour locally, but that's not what I'm interested in.  Thanks

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Mini Oven

I've got a kilo of red rice and was hoping your thread might save me the trouble of cooking it.  Ha!

What I do is cook up the rice and let it cool.  (If boiled unsalted calculate 1 to 2% of the dry rice weight to add salt to the recipe.) Then add a cup (or two) to my favorite daily recipe like I would chopped nuts or soaked seeds.  Cooked rice could also be added extra to a sourdough starter while it grows.  (I hadn't thought about it before but cooked salted rice might help slow down sourdough starter to controllable levels in hot weather.)  While cooking, you may want to add spices or use broth or tea.  Just a few thoughts.

Any rice poking through the surface of the crust during shaping may bake into a hard crispy so I tend to tuck them back inside under the loaf.  

Have fun!