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Il Fornaio Olive Bread

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Il Fornaio Olive Bread

This week our bread to have with soup at lunch time will be olive bread.  I've been wanting to try this bread again from the Il Fornaio Baking Book by Franco Galli for quite sometime.  I made two changes to the recipe as given.  I used 1/4 cup of my 70% hydration whole wheat sourdough starter instead of the 1/4 cup biga.  I also used kalamata olives instead of green olives as my husband doesn't really care for the green olives. 

The loaf had good oven spring, so I am hopeful that I might even have an open crumb in this bread, which would be a first for me.  We shall see tomorrow when we cut into the loaf. 



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would you please post your modified recipe. i love olive bread

thx, claudia