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Pandoro 2011

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Pandoro 2011

Hi all. I have baked another Pandoro to celebrate this christmas.

I made using a biga starter just as I did with the previous one. This time there's more honey, malt, salt and cocoa butter as it was a little bland last time!

Final proof took 24hrs at room temperature. A lot longer than last time's 14hrs. Also it didn't rise as far as I hoped and started to over-proof but the bake sorted it out. It appears my sack of Canadian flour from Shipton Mill is not as strong as the supermarket branded one I used before!

Next time I will try to use my natural leaven (A Highly skilled task).

Merry Christmas

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That's the first time I've seen cocoa butter used in bread.

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Lovely Pandoro, Michael!

Interesting you used cocoa butter. Does it taste better than ordinary butter?


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Cocoa butter provides a chocolatey fragrance. Along with vanilla these flavours make pandoro's unique and adictive aroma.

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Thanks, Micheal. That definitely sounds really good. I must try it myself, maybe for other recipes that calls for butter, too. 

Where do you get your cocoa butter btw?

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Contrary to what you think cocoa butter is actually quite common in Pandoro.

See this video of Garry Rulli making it.


PANDORO from Emporio Rulli on Vimeo.

I got cocoa butter from Use it if you want a chocolatey aroma.

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Really? Oh, I didn't know. Thanks for correcting me.

That online shop of the link looks great, too. :)

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Sometimes It's even used in Panettone! You have to melt it to use it because it's rock hard at room temperature. I melted it and added egg yolks and butter to make an emulsion before adding to the dough.

That online shop is where I get my candied peels (including the hard to find citron), but they're 4 times the price compared to when I got them. Think I'll wait til after Christmas before I buy again.

Thanks for your positive comments.

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I see.... Looks like all the recipes I've had for panettone are of  simpler version with more-easily available ordinary butter, then.  Thanks for the info. Life is an endless journey of learning....;)

As for candied peels,  I quite like this one  from Waitrose.....but it's not organic I'm afraid.....but it's very good quality. Also I always keep this in my storecupboard, too, because it's so easy to use and stay moist.  But cendied peels are quite easy to make yourself, too. You just keep  peels from any citrus fruits in a freezer whenever you eat them, and candy them when you have enough worth bothering it.

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Cocoa butter is not butter but rather veg oil, although a pleasant fat. It melts at temperatures lower than your body temperature and has a slight chocolate flavor but is great for carrying other flavors as well.


P.S. one of the best ways buy cocoa butter is Callebaut's Mycryo product. It has a 100 and one uses including tempering of chocolate. It is not inexpensive though.

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Yes, we know cocoa butter is not butter but fat from cocoa beans.  I asked for the comparison with the butter because it's more usual to use ordinary butter for Pandoro. ;)

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Very nice looking pandoro, Michael. What recipe did you  use? I'd like to see a picture of the inside. Is it laminated or not?

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Thanks. I used my own recipe. You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to see the crumb... Until then here's a shot of it dusted with pandoro sugar that I made from icing sugar, potato flour, cocoa butter, powdered vanilla and rum.

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As promised. Please see pictures of the crumb. There wasn't much left. Everyone loved it.

Also here it is wrapped up.

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Looks really, really good! Thanks for sharing.

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It must have been delicious!

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Thanks lumos, nico.

It was certainly very nice indeed.

here's my recipe.

Pandoro Xmas 2011

61.5 18.0 Biga (50% hydration)
61.5 18.0 Flour
20.5 6.0 Sugar
47.8 14.0 Egg

140.0 41.0 Flour (Shipton Mill Canadian)
82.0 24.0 Sugar
95.6 28.0 Egg
13.7 4.0 Water

140.0 41.0 Flour (Shipton Mill Canadian)
61.5 18.0 Sugar
65.0 19.0 Egg
17.0 5.0 Egg Yolk
30.7 9.0 Water
228.8 67.0 Butter
12.3 3.5 Honey
21.2 6.2 Cocoa Butter
5.8 1.7 Salt
4.4 1.3 Dried Malt
4.4 1.3 Diax Malt
Flavouring (seeds from one vanilla pod)
1113.7 326.0%

Total ingredients:

100.0 Flour
59.8 Butter
54.5 Whole Egg
42.9 Sugar
17.0 Water
5.5 Cocoa Butter
4.5 Egg Yolk
3.1 Honey
2.3 Malt
1.5 Salt


Pandoro sugar

100 Icing sugar
70 Potato flour
6 Cocoa butter
6 Rum
- Vanilla seeds
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Hi Michael,

would you please post a resume about the procedure to make the pandoro. I guess there are many tips and tricks that are fundamental to get this result.